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The Slim and Thick W.C. Podcast is a space for those in the community. A community podcast aiming to provide knowledge, resources, and dialogue on current important topics. From politics to Tik Tok, two sisters provide an inclusive space for community organizers and marginalized populations to gather for a moment in a space made for them. It's a labor of love from us to the community that we love to serve. 

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Love and Compromise: The Album 101

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  • Introduction
  • Hide Out
  • I Wished I Missed My Ex
  • Simmer Feat. Burna Boy
  • Good Company Feat. Terrance Martin
  • Regular People Feat. Hamzaa and Lucky Daye
  • Karma/He's Mine
  • What You Did Feat. Ella Mai
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Richie
  • Consistency
  • Square 1
  • Artist Overview
  • Singles
  • Outro


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