Clark County Social Services

Clark County Social Services

County Social Service (CCSS) provides a variety of services for disadvantaged residents of Clark County who are not assisted by other state, federal or local programs. Social Service is responsible for ensuring that the County meets its community responsibilities as set forth by Nevada Revised Statutes and County Ordinances. The primary mandates are to provide financial assistance. Social Service is also responsible for other programs and duties assigned by the Board of County Commissioners. CCSS is the single point of entry for households without children needing assistance with housing. Individuals needing assistance will be assessed for all of CCSS programs, which include services available through the Continuum of Care, as well as services throughout the community; a process known by the community as Coordinated Intake. All CCSS services and referrals are provided based upon an assessment of need and/or program criteria.


We are providing assistance and services to citizens in need during this uncertain time by practicing social distancing methods for the safety and well-being of our clients and workers!

Adults without Children 

Adults without children can go to any of the Clark County Social Service (CCSS) offices listed below Monday-Friday; 8am to 5pm. Phone inquiries are available at (702) 455-4270 for all sites

CCSS Cambridge Annex

 3885 S. Maryland Pkwy Las Vegas 89119

CCSS Pinto 

1600 Pinto Lane Las Vegas 89106 

CCSS Fertitta

 1504 Las Vegas Blvd North Las Vegas 89101

CCSS Henderson 

1291 W. Galleria Dr #170 Henderson 89014 

CCSS Community Resource Center 

2432 N. Martin Luther King Blvd #D Las Vegas 89032 

Financial/Transportation Assistance

 Applications may be submitted in-person at one of our 5 locations, online at or by fax at 702-678-5221.

Financial/Transportation Assistance Application Forms

Files below are fillable, for best results please download the file to your computer or phone and complete using an Adobe product.

CCSS Application - English 

Applications can be emailed to, faxed to 702-678-5221 or mailed to CCSS 1600 Pinto Lane Las Vegas, NV 89106.

CCSS Application - Spanish

Las solicitudes pueden enviarse por correo electrónico a, por fax al 702-678-5221o enviarse por correo a CCSS 1600 Pinto Lane Las Vegas, NV 89106.

Long-Term Care Application

Long Term Care (LTC): Provides assistance in securing appropriate long term care for any Clark County resident who is unable to live independently because of medical problems. Eligibility for long term care is determined by an assessment of need and pre-established eligibility criteria. All prior resource programs to assist with payment of long term care are pursued prior to Clark County Social Service providing payment. Request for LTC services are received from the community, family members, long term care facilities, hospitals and other agencies that have knowledge of potential long term care cases, or clients applying on their own behalf. To request long term care payment assistance required items include: 1) A completed long term care application, or an existing open case with Clark County Social Service, 2) A medical need for long term care, 3) Meet the level of care criteria appropriate for the type of care requested and 4) Meet income and resource eligibility criteria as determined by type of care requested and as outlined in the Social Service policy manual.

The types of licensed facilities contracted by Clark County Social Service to provide care are:

Adult Day Health Care Facility: provides organized day programs of therapeutic, health, and social activities and services for chronically ill, elderly, or disabled adults.

Adult Group Care and Assisted Living Facilities: residential care facilities that are ideal for persons who, because of age or disability, would not be able to provide for their own household needs. Additionally, may need someone in attendance in case of emergencies.

Nursing Homes:
  • Free Standing Intermediate Care Facility: provides custodial care and supervision under the direction of a professional registered nurse. This includes a strong emphasis on social and rehabilitative services with the goal of assisting individuals to become involved in managing their health related needs.
  • Skilled Nursing Facility: provides 24-hour nursing care under the supervision of a professional registered nurse. In skilled nursing facilities, patients may receive either skilled nursing care services which meet the Medicare criteria or full custodial care services for patients whose care needs do not fall within those guidelines.

Financial Criteria or Guidelines

A patient liability (the amount the patients are to pay from their income towards their care) is established from the patient's available income. All other programs available to assist with payments of long term care are pursued prior to CCSS authorizing long term care payment, including eligibility for Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance or self-pay.

For more information about the Long Term Care, please contact the program office at Clark County Social Service at (702) 455-4270 or use the email option below to send your request to the program administrator.

The Homemaker Home Health Aide Program provides short and long term homemaking and personal care services to county residents, with home health aides functioning as members of a team of professionals to provide homemaker home health and/or social services. The H.H.H.A. program is based upon the principle that in-home care can help preserve or improve the quality of clients' daily lives and reduce the need for unnecessary institutionalization. Designed to help the aging or disabled persons needing personal care and assistance with housekeeping routines remain in their own homes, the program assists families and individuals to achieve or maintain self-sufficiency and decreases the demand for custodial care.

Homemaker service includes:

  • Shopping for groceries and medications, meal preparation and planning, laundry, personal hygiene in the form of baths (help with tub baths or showers and bed baths) and light house cleaning. 
  • Services not provided are moving heavy furniture, lifting more than forty pounds, washing windows, walls, etc., shopping for household items or clothing, dispensing medication, yard work, work outside the home, seasonal cleaning or performing tasks that require skilled nursing training. 

Clark County Social Service (C.C.S.S.) contracts with private agencies for homemaker services. These services provide coverage during weekends, holidays, and evening hours, as well as regular working hours. Eligibility for H.H.H.A. services is determined in accordance with C.C.S.S. eligibility rules for medical assistance, and an individualized plan of care. For more information about the H.H.H.A. program, please contact the program office at (702) 455-4270 or use the Email option below to send your request or referral to the program administrator: SeniorServices@ClarkCountyNV.Gov.

W9 to be filled out by Property Owner 

The CARES Housing Assistance Program provides rent and utilities assistance to Clark County residents who have suffered financial hardship due to COVID-19. Applicants must meet certain income requirements based on their household size, provide documented proof of their financial hardship due to COVID-19, and be Clark County residents.