Democratic Socialists of America

Las Vegas Chapter

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Democratic Socialists of America

Who they are?

What They Do

Las Vegas DSA

LVDSA is a community of Vegas comrades committed to uplifting our city through advocacy of and organizing for a nation-wide, world-wide working-class movement that puts people and planet over profit.

On this page, you can find upcoming events on our community calendar, information of our various committees and subcommittees, contact information for our officers and committee chairs, and sign up to the be a DSA dues paying member (make sure to sign up for monthly dues, as 20% goes to your local DSA chapter!).

When we come together, we can transform Las Vegas (and the world) into a just, fair, and democratic socialist society.

Las Vegas DSA 

In the Community

Mutual Aid Network

Mutual aid is a way of organizing our communities and neighborhoods by exchanging skills and resources. Every member of our community is valuable and has a way to contribute. You give what you can to the people you know and they give back to you.

Imagine giving your neighbors food while they knit you a mask, cook for you, or tell you jokes to brighten your spirits. Imagine the comfort of knowing you can rely on your community for a helping hand and the feeling of pride and solidarity knowing that you've given back to them in return.

Our goal is to connect people in need with the resources they need, as well as help to connect them with volunteers who can help them out. If you need assistance, or can volunteer time or resources, please sign up below.

La ayuda mutua es una forma de organizar a nuestras comunidades y vecindarios mediante el intercambio de habilidades y recursos. Cada miembro de nuestra comunidad es valioso y tiene una manera de contribuir. Das lo que puedes a la gente que conoces y ellos también te ayudan.

Imaginate darles a tus vecinos comida mientras ellos te tejen una máscara, te hacen algo de cocinar o te cuentan chistes para alegrarte el día. Imagina el consuelo de saber que puedes confiar en tu comunidad para que te ayude y el sentimiento de orgullo y solidaridad de saber que les has ayudado también.

Nuestro objetivo es conectar a las personas necesitadas con los recursos que necesitan y también conectarlos con voluntarios que puedan ayudarlos. Si necesita ayuda o puede ofrecer tiempo o recursos como voluntario, regístrese a continuación.