Subscription Service Key Words


Subscription services seem to have basically just taken over our entire business landscape. From entertainment to even just going to the grocery stores, it seems you can't go anywhere without being accosted by someone encouraging you to sign up for a subscription for something. Slim and I want to make sure that transparency is a key part of our resources and suggestions that we make on this website, so we strive to ensure that we include any upfront prices so that our listeners all can weigh their options effectively to be informed consumers. You know cause capitalists will always capitalize and well we all have to live in this society for the time being. Here are some key terms that are referenced when signing up for a subscription service. 

Finding the Price

It is not always clear where the pricing is when looking at an application or software's website. This is absolutely key though when signing up for a service. Many times its first the consumer must create a "free account" then they will hit you with the free trial days, only to find out what subscriptions packages are being offered and for what price. Most times the free trail doesn't include all the features either so that is another frustrating thing to have signed up and not know exactly all the features that is suppose to be coming with the subscription. I like to know the prices upfront, so when you go onto a website the first thing I look for (up in the menu bar or at the very bottom of the webpage in the footer) is the "Pricing" or "Plans" link. This is the best way to take you to the subscription page to see all the different offers and plans for the product. 

Key Terms

Subscription = Means that you must pay a monthly or yearly fee to subscribe to the application in order to use it.

Billed Monthly = This is the cost for a monthly subscription, so every month on the same day you signed up you will be charged this amount to continue using the application for another month. If you stop paying or cancel, then usually you will have access to the application features until the end of that billing cycle.

Billed Annually (Yearly) = Some applications give you the option to pay for a year of using the application and charge that year upfront for one flat fee. Then the next year you have the option to pay for another year of services or cancel where then you lose access to the application.

Free with limited features = Some applications will allow you to create an account and you can keep using services without paying, but you will be limited in the features (ie highlighting, number of accounts you can have, making sub-folders, etc) that you can use with the application. Now this option isn't bad at all if you know exactly what you need the application for and maybe you don't plan on actually using it to save work (ie store your files long-term). 

*Most of the time the billing is done automatically where your card or bank account is charged on a specific day each month or year. You must remember to cancel ahead of the charge to prevent this from happening if you intend to have the subscription cancelled.