Mental Health Posters

Thick uses Canva to make her office posters. These can serve has a template for Mental Health Posters in your office or room at school to utilize from studuents. 

Ideas for Night Routines used on Poster

  • Take a warm bath or shower then ensure to do deep breathing either in the shower or while using a scented lotion.
  • After a shower can be a good time to do a Body Scan while lotioning and caring for your own physical self-care needs. 
  • This can also be a point where you are doing a check-in with yourself and how you are feeling. 
  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation can be utilized to help relax your muscles and prepare you to get a restful night sleep.
  • SILENCE device notifications at a specific time of night so that it signals to your brain and body that this is YOUR TIME now, any other work or to do's can be written down in a journal or scribbled somewhere if you don't want to forget but now the only focus is YOUR REST. 
  • Apple Device users there is a Do Not Disturb Feature on your phone that can be activated till a certain time the next morning. If it is an emergency, the phone will ring if a call comes in more than once. You can also make exceptions which numbers come through if you a parent or are on-call. 
  • Drinking tea or non-caffeinated warm beverage to help you unwind in the evening.
  • I keep water beside my bed at night, just in case your throat is dry suddenly during the night or you get a cough. 
  • Read a physical book or journal in a book, avoid any electronics at least an hour before bedtime.
  • Do Deep Breathing in bed or Progressive Muscle Relaxation accompanied by an oil diffuser can be very helpful to put your mind and body at ease at night.
  • If you are religious or spiritual praying as a part of you night time practice can be extremely beneficial to help holding your night routine as something that is a priority. These are also things you can also help to facilitate with kids as well. 
  • If you have netflix, headspace has a series for users to help them fall asleep or practice meditation for falling asleep. I usually do my wind down routine an hour before my actual bed time so that I can shut everything down plus let anyone who I am caring for know that I am heading to bed which indicates I'm starting my night routine. It takes practice, but it is a boundary that takes setting and can help you prioritize this important aspect of self-care. You need your rest.