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Location: PO Box 35305 Charlotte, NC 28235

Phone: (704) 334-8722

Email: info@housingcollab.com

  • Disaster Intervention
  • Relocation
  • Waiting List Opening and Pre-screening Support
  • Surveys
  • Landlord Recruitment
  • Rent Reasonableness
  • Hotlines
  • Inspection Coordination

Housing Collaborative

Who are they?

About Housing Collaborative

Social Serve is a nonprofit, bilingual call center that connects people to housing and provides supportive, second chance employment. We provide professional housing location and listing services, assist displaced households in finding new housing, offer waiting list opening support, and gather housing data for regions and municipalities across the United States.

***Social Serve is a national 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization and a certified Section 3 and Second Chance employer.

Section 3

Section 3 is a provision of the Housing and Urban Development Act of 1968. The purpose of Section 3 is to ensure that preference for employment, training and contracting opportunities generated from the expenditure of certain HUD funds is directed to local low-and very low-income persons, particularly those who receive federal housing assistance, and businesses that are owned by or substantially employ such persons.

Second Chance Employment

Second chance hiring is the act of employing formerly incarcerated individuals, people in recovery, or other applicants whose life choices and situations have disadvantaged them in obtaining stable employment.

On July 27th we announced our rebrand to Housing Collaborative.

The last few years have allowed us to rethink and reinvent our nonprofit services model at an unprecedented rate. We began to internalize the commitment we've made to Charlotte and housing partners across the nation and felt our name Socialserve lacked the immediate recognition and connection to what our vision for affordable housing access has become.

"A world where everyone can see a path home."

Our rebrand as Housing Collaborative comes with great pride as we lean into a name that clarifies all we do to make affordable housing easier to navigate. We will continue to support housing initiatives through tenant placement, landlord recruitment, and support, call center services for partners across the country, and a flexible approach to achieving housing goals. Moving forward, we will internally own and manage the platforms we use to provide assistance and share our housing expertise.

What does this mean for you?

  • As a housing provider
    We are making it easier for you to partner with us and personally affect affordable housing. New attention will be placed on offering real-time support through a support hotline, policy and event updates, monetary subsidies, inspection coordination, and cultivating a community of housing provider partners.
  • As a housing agency
    Our experience supporting your housing programs is only the beginning. We are refocusing our call center to provide as-needed housing program support across the nation. From housing provider recruitment and satisfaction surveys to housing locations in the wake of displacement events, to customized hotlines to help clients access housing resources, our call center can support you in many ways. Inquire for specific partnership requests.
  • As a services provider
    Housing Collaborative aims to increase the number of tenants placed each year by making affordable housing easier for you to navigate. Through our partnerships with services providers, we will offer assistance throughout the entire housing placement process and keep the door open for continued support and communication to help with housing retention and relocation.
  • As a community
    Awareness and education are key in implementing change in communities across the nation. We offer more than housing placement – we are building relationships in the community to connect housing providers and those experiencing or at risk of homelessness. Our goal is to increase the understanding of providing housing to program-connected households, and how it can spark change. By uplifting individuals with employment and housing opportunities, they are given a second chance to make a positive impact as local individuals. Learn more about how you can contribute at www.housingcollab.org/donate.

Housing Documents

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