Social Work

Social Work

Social workers are uniquely qualified to help people in their own environment, by looking at all the aspects of their life and cultures. We work to ensure your personal well-being, to prevent crises, to counsel individuals and families, and to help build strong communities. We make sure people get the help they need, from the best resources available. Social workers help people in every stage of life overcome life's most difficult challenges, and the troubles of everyday living.  

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Licensing Exam Supplies

Social Work Licensing Masters Exam Guide and Practice Test Set

Kindle (3rd Edition)

  • $37.02 to rent
  • $62.69 to buy


  • $79.99 to buy

  • Comprehensive Study Guide for Success (3rd Edition)
  • 170 Question Practice Test with answers and rationales for each question, you can get the Practice Test Book by itself or in combination with the Study Guide. 

  • The Study Guide has an additional 170 test questions in the back after completing studying for you to practice testing. 

ASWB Social Work Exam Prep

ASWB MSW Exam Prep Premium:

  • 170 practice questions to identify knowledge gaps
  • 170-question full-length practice test
  • In-depth exam content review
  • Unlimited access to ALL exam categories:
  • Human Growth and Development
  • Concepts of Neglect and Abuse
  • Assessment Methods and Techniques
  • Confidentiality and more!

I completed one of the practice tests by having my sister sit in as a proctor with a timer to ensure that I was taking the 4 hours that is allotted. I answered all 170 questions within that time, then had my sister grade the exam. 

I was able to identify the areas that I was weakest in or had the most difficulty with those questions. Then when I started reading the study guide I would focus on certain content areas over others so that I could improve my understanding of those concepts. 

I still used the application to practice active recall and spaced repetition testing on myself as I completed each content area. So that I got comfortable answering questions and taking the examination. Test anxiety is my greatest issue in that I might know the information, but because I am so focused on how stressed out I am about passing the test I will second guess myself or start to self-sabotage by spending too much time on questions that I actually answered correctly to begin with. 

Breaking up the Examination by Content Area helped me:

Content Area 1: Human Development, Diversity, and Behavior in the Environment

  • Competency 1: Human Growth and Development
  • Competency 2: Concepts of Abuse and Neglect
  • Competency 3: Diversity, Social/Economic Justice, and Oppression

Content Area 2: Assessment and Intervention Planning

  • Competency 4: Biopsychosocial History and Collateral Data
  • Competency 5: Assessment Methods and Techniques
  • Competency 6: Intervention Planning

Content Area 3: Interventions with Clients/Client Systems

  • Competency 7: Intervention Processes and Techniques for Use Across Systems
  • Competency 8: Intervention Processes and Techniques for Use with Larger Systems

Content Area 4: Professional Relationships, Values, and Ethics

  • Competency 9: Professional Values and Ethical Issues
  • Competency 10: Confidentiality
  • Competency 11: Professional Development and Use of Self

This helped me with grouping my knowledge and connecting things using concept maps. 

ASWB Online Practice Test = $80.00

ASWB offers full-scale online practice tests for candidates registered to take the Associate, Bachelors, Masters, or Clinical ASWB social work licensing examination. Please note: There is no online practice test for the Advanced Generalist examination.

 With the only practice test offered by ASWB, you can:

  • Become familiar with testing software used at Pearson VUE test centers
  • Complete the online practice test one time
  • Review all the questions in any of the content areas, or review only the questions you answer incorrectly
  • Access the practice test for 30 days to review the questions, answers, and rationales. The 30 days begins when you launch the practice test
  • Take four hours to take a 170-question practice test one time

Update: New testing software

Beginning January 3, 2022, ASWB test center software will be upgraded. Exam content and scoring will not change.

The current software for the Online Practice Test will remain in place until January. If you'd like to understand some of the differences between the Online Practice Test software and the new test delivery system, this tutorial (PDF) includes screen shots from both systems.

Premier Social Work Exam Strategies

 A group to help and guide individuals studying for the Bachelors, Masters, and Clinical ASWB exam on Facebook. 

Social Work Study Hall

Your Study Coach

Take an interactive online pre-test and get an analytic report on your performance to get your studying on the right track. Guided study materials and practice questions will help you learn and reinforce your knowledge. The final online post-test will allow you to view your progress and ease your mind for the real exam.

Your Study Guide

Comprehensive content on all topics covered on the exam will teach you what you need to know for the exam and flashcards are used to test your knowledge and help you to memorize key facts. The ASWB Strategic Workshop will enhance your test taking skills maximizing your score.

Your Study Buddy

Gain information and get expert advice and tips from your peers. Connect and share your knowledge with other exam takers in the discussion forum.

Your Study Break

No time to read the paper, no problem. Read about social work in the news to keep you current and find steps to healthy living, including exercise, meditation, and other anxiety-reducing ideas, recipes for nurture your brain and body, along with other valuable tidbits to give your mind a focused break. Coffee optional!

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