The Courtyard Homeless Resource Center

Contact Information

Location: 1401 Las Vegas Blvd N, Las Vegas, NV 89101

Phone: 702-229-6117


By offering a one-stop shop with access to medical, housing and employment services through a variety partners, the cycle of homelessness can be broken. The initial phase of the Courtyard opened in 2017, and in early 2022 the city will open an expansion of the Courtyard. This includes a covered sleeping allowing for 800 guests at a time to have a safe place to go and access a myriad of services. In addition, the expansion includes a guest services building, a day room, and shower and restroom facilities.

The city is moving forward with a second phase, which will include an administration building, pet kennel and parking lot. The administration building will house laundry services, additional showers, office spaces for service providers and additional wrap-around services.

Since August 2017, the city and service providers at the Courtyard have been assisting in getting homeless off the streets and into housing. Through the Courtyard, the city has connected those in need to mental health providers, legal assistance and job information. In 2021, more than 6,500 individuals accessed services at the Courtyard.

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