Slim and Thick WC Podcast

Season 3

Season 3

Diversity Education 113: Don't Say Gay Bill

"Florida's House of Representatives passed HB 1557, also known as the "Don't Say Gay" bill, on Thursday. The Republican-backed bill, which would restrict teachers and school districts from openly discussing gender identity and topics surrounding sexuality in the classroom, passed 69-47 and now moves to the Florida Senate for further debate (Zoe 2022).

If passed, the legislation would go into effect for the 2022-2023 school year. As CBS Miami reports, HB 1557 prohibits instruction on sexual orientation or gender identity in kindergarten through third grade, and, in other grade levels, bars discussion that is not "age or developmentally appropriate." It would also allow parents to sue school districts that go against the law" (Zoe 2022).

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and Gov. Greg Abbott have outlawed gender-affirming health care for trans minors. In the drafted opinion letter in favor of the policy, drafted by Governor Greg Abbott and Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton they stated that:

"As OAG Opinion No. KP-0401 makes clear, it is already against the law to subject Texas children to a wide variety of elective procedures for gender transitioning, including reassignment surgeries that can cause sterilization, mastectomies, removals of otherwise healthy body parts, and administration of puberty-blocking drugs or supraphysiologic doses of testosterone or estrogen. See TEX. FAM. CODE § 261.001(1)(A)-(D) (defining "abuse"). Texas law imposes reporting requirements upon all licensed professionals who have direct contact with children who may be subject to such abuse, including doctors, nurses, and teachers, and provides criminal penalties for failure to report such child abuse. See id. §§ 261.101(b), 261.109(a-1). There are similar reporting requirements and criminal penalties for members of the general public. See id. §§ 261.101(a), 261.109(a)." (Office of the Attorney General 2022)


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Summer 101: Hopium for the Community

I know it's been a minute, but sit down and catch up with your girls on what's been going on in our professional lives. Slim has been upped her Nursing game and Thick is full on in Social Work Mode at her school. Plus also enjoy an injection of happy as we celebrate the ending of the school year and most of all you all. Yes, you all if anyone hasn't told you we see you and appreciate it all you do for the community. Sit back and relax as we discuss how far we've come, as well as give you permission to appreciate the fact that you are that THAT BITCH now and forever.

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Labor and Value 101

What makes a type a degree valuable? What is considered a "marketable" skill? Who gets to determine these things? Sit down with your girls as we discuss these topics and catch you up on what's been going on in our lives. From Slim's recent "close encounter" at work and Thick's Discussion on the labor market.


  • Introduction
  • Slim's Big News
  • Thick's Mini Tangent
  • The Labor Debate
  • Trade School v University
  • Slim's Very Bad Day
  • Labor v. Value
  • Thick Plays Devil's Advocate
  • The Job Market

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Abortion 101

CW: Discussions about abortion and pregnancy, we understand that this is a sensitive topic and that it affects every femme person differently. There is no graphic language, but there is mention of sexual assault, rape, pregnancy, abortion, and death.

Sit down with the girls as they discuss the overturning of Roe V. Wade and the resulting implications for many marginalized groups so far. Also the girls cover how there is additionally new laws that target not only the people seeking the procedure, but also providers are being targeted by utilizing Mandatory Reporting Laws to come after their licenses. Just as Texas's Anti-Trans Bill utilized Reporting Laws to have professionals report on gender-affirming care treatment to the Department of Family Services, which resulted in many families suspected of allowing trans-children in the family to get gender-affirming care become separated by removing the child from the home pending an investigation of "abuse" in the home. These laws threaten to take away a providers license and ability to practice in their respected field, something that takes years to achieve and for some there are even more barriers than others. But we need providers with marginalized backgrounds and we shouldn't be threatening the ones doing this important work in our communities.

The Slim and Thick WC Podcast strongly opposes the laws and practices being implemented which intend to intimidate and harass not only individuals seeking proper care, but also the providers of that care as well to the point that providers are now having to suspend specific services out of fear for their practice or license. Please join the conversation and thank you for the support from our listeners so far, without you there is no podcast and we truly appreciate all you do to make our community what it is. We actively look to provide more resources and information to help us further support those engaged in this fight.


British Pregnancy Advisory Service. (2015). The Abortion Pill.

Guttmacher Institute. (2022, July 27). An Overview of Abortion Laws.

Totenberg, N., & McCammon, S. (2022, June 24). NPR Cookie Consent and Choices. NPR.

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Mental Health 102

Mental Health is hard to work on and hard to maintain even after doing all the work to get on track. Join the girls as they discuss their own mental health journeys and how they have dealt with their own mental health needs. Slim discusses manifestation and how she sees herself being "in the present" which has helped open her up to positive experiences in her life. Thick discusses her recovery as a perfectionist and how she is dealing with trying to look inward for validation rather than from extrinsic sources.

Clarify: Thick is struggle bussing (we are not always at our best and that is okay), but she is basically saying that she feels that societal expectations put on young people to fit a certain mold or attain certain accomplishments from society has led to many people who are unsure of themselves if they do not attain those specific trappings of success. Parents feel pressure to make their children into these academic and child prodigies that if they do not fulfill those expectations then they end up slightly broken and unsure about what to do. Thick is not saying parents are bad or good, or how to parent but rather that what happens to the children who aren't doctors, lawyers, or nurses? Are these kids looked at the same or as having the same value as those other kids, if not then what is our society saying about our value as human beings. It's greatly wrapped up in these achievements and without them, what do we do with those that don't quite fit?

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Licensure Exam 101

Sit down with the girls and talk about licensing exams.... the preparation, the test anxiety, and the relief of getting it over with. We share our tactics and strategies on how we passed our respective exams. We give a vote of confidence to those about to take their exams, with a couple of laughs of course.

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Scandal 101

The ladies are here to be messy!!! Join us as we sit down and talk about the "Try Guys's Situation" and the ramifications for everyone involved. Slim gets on her soap box to give us the 101 on her thoughts on cheating specifically, while Thick discusses how grief and loss and present itself in another form such as losing a friend. It's spooky season so grab your drinking challices and join the conversation!

0 minuetes - Professionals need Grace 

20 minuetes - Try Guys Topic Introduction 

21 minutes - Try Guys Summary 

27 minuetes - Scandal Summary 

30 minutes - Scandal Fallout 

37 minutes - Nia Long Story 

44 minutes - Cheating 101 according to Slim 

54 minutes - Grief and Loss 101 according to Thick 

1 hr 11 minutes - Jeffrey Dahmer Movie and True Crime 

Bad Movies and a Beat - Kennie J.D. 

Kimberly Foster

Election 2022

PLEASE VOTE, local elections are extremely important and determine a great deal of the legislation that goes into effect on the state level. Local elections also matter because it can shift the power in Congress and Nevada is a battleground state this year with Arizona and several other states who could determine the legislative agenda for the years to come. Now more than ever it is important to get involved and to exercise that right to vote, especially because others are having that right threatened. Sit down with us as we go through the ballot to discuss the different races, the positions up for election, and why voting in every race matters.

Polling Stations and Locations: 2022 General Election - Early Voting Sites & Polling Locations

For more information on voting please check out our website and the Political Engagement Resources.

There is more information as well on our Local Government Page which explains the different duties of each branch of our state government.

Democratic Socialists of America - Las Vegas Chapter has a comprehensive Voting Guide to help with filling out your ballot.

Battle Born Progress has a 2022 Voting Guide that explains the 3 Ballot Questions.

The Nevada Independent has a section dedicated to examining the judicial candidates on the ballot check it out here.

The Nevada Current has information on policies and candidates as well. 

Disney Adulting 101

The ladies sit down to get a bit tipsy and discuss some random topics. The ladies discuss community engagement, specifically the barriers that can be frustrating when you are trying to progressively engage in change in your community. The odds can seem to be stacked against you especially when it feels so overwhelming to have to overhaul your language, the way you spend your money, and who you support publicly. While these barriers are not an excuse not to try, the ladies also discuss why it is important to recognize those that are doing the work and trying. Also try to provide more means of addressing those barriers so that people can realistically engage without it putting them in a more vulnerable position. Slim and I try to allow ourselves some grace and we grow, so that we don't get too discouraged. We hope that others feel more encouraged and supported to make changes in this space as well.

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Dirt Femme: The Album 101

Music can do a many splendid things, it can heal and it can motivate. Slim and I LOVE our beats, but especially when we come across new music for us to enjoy. Sit down with your girls as we discuss this interesting musical experience and our personal reactions. Examining the artist Tove Love and her first independently released album, we review the synth-pop vibes mixed with lyrics that deal with subjects like dramatic love to self-doubt.

Disclaimer: The views in this discussion are ours and we are reacting to the work at hand. The interpretation is biased because we are seeing it through our lens and our own personal experiences, but we do realize that everyone experiences music differently. This is us sharing our thoughts and views of experiencing this art, which we encourage others to do as well. Nobody should strive to be anything they are not, but we should all strive to open to challenging our own views or exploring why we hold them.


  • 1:00 Work is Work
  • 11:00 Introduction to Tove Love
  • 22:00 Criticism of Dirt Femme (Review by Peyton Thomas)
  • 26:00 The Rebuttal
  • 30:00 An Unanswered Question
  • 33:00 No One Dies From Love
  • 36:00 Suburbia
  • 46:00 True Romance

Check out the album here on Spotify Dirt Femme

Songs Referenced

  • No One Dies From Love
  • Suburbia
  • 2 Die 4
  • True Romance (True Romance Movie Synopsis)
  • Grapefruit
  • Pineapple Slice

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Love and Compromise: The Album 101

Check out the website for more resources and information! Please check out Love and Compromise the album on Spotify!


  • Introduction
  • Hide Out
  • I Wished I Missed My Ex
  • Simmer Feat. Burna Boy
  • Good Company Feat. Terrance Martin
  • Regular People Feat. Hamzaa and Lucky Daye
  • Karma/He's Mine
  • What You Did Feat. Ella Mai
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Richie
  • Consistency
  • Square 1
  • Artist Overview
  • Singles
  • Outro


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